Case Study 1: Solar Panel Overseas Pack

Develop a new overseas pack to ship solar panels that incorporates the following design elements:
  • Increase pack strength
  • Increase number of panels per pack
  • Remove as much wood as possible
  • Increase cube utilization
  • Meet rigorous testing standard pertaining to hazardous materials
The Pro-Pak Industries design process yielded a pack that:
  • Increased panels per pack from 30 to 50 (65% increase)
  • Removed all interior wood components
  • Cost less than the original 30-panel pack
  • Can be easily packed either manually or robotically
  • Has been adopted globally by all of the company’s plants

Testing continues as we challenge the basic pack components. We are exploring ways to decrease cost further without compromising structural strength.

Our commitment to design improvement continues as our customers’ requirements evolve.

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